Real Environmental Products

Product Description

Historically, adjusting grade in above grade landfill gas lateral and collection header piplines has been less than satisfactory using combination screed pins, wood, nails, or sandbags.

Real Environmental Products has found the solution to the incremental adjustments and difficulty of installation in current designs by the introduction of the "INFA-JUST" Pipe Support system that allows for easy installation and is infinitely adjustable. This system allows for precise grade alignments on piping systems using rebar or pipe support posts.

The INFA-JUST all steel construction and galvanized finish make it durable for landfill applications. The two post system allows installation of support systems after piplines are run and the alignment is established. This feature allows for increased speed of pipe installation as all can be accomplished on grade. When the pipe run ins are completed, it is only a matter of setting the elevation at each support and tightening the clamp system.

The INFA-Just system can be readjusted as landfill settlement occurs without the use of tools. The INFA-JUST system is the simplest and safest solution to grade adjustments for gas collection headers and laterals.

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