Real Environmental Products

Product Description

Many condensate knockout systems have been utilized in landfill service over the years and most work satisfactorily. Real Environmental Products set out to design a new system that will challenge the leaders in terms of simplicity, cost and reliability. The REAL solution for this effort is the GAS CONDENSATE SEPARATOR Series 8000. Simple, cost effective and reliable.

The standard GCS 8000 is equipped with a demister pad baffle system and is designed to be a gravity drain. The GCS 8000 may also be equipped with the following optional systems:

  • Configured as a single wall system or a double wall secondary containment as required.
  • A pneumatic or electrical device with a submerged pumping system.
  • The GCS 8000 utilizes the unique REAL isolation well design that allows the pumping system to be serviced while the gas system is being operated.

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