Real Environmental Products

Product Description

It is no surprise that sumps, whether they are pneumatic or electric, can be problematic. The total maintenance costs, let alone the initial cost of a sump can add up fast. The REAL solution is the Auto-Sump 7000 Retrofit Kit. You can turn any problematic sump into a durable REP Auto-Sump with only a few steps. The design team at Real Environmental Products developed a retrofit kit that is easy to install and costs less than a complete sump package. The biggest savings comes from eliminating the need for excavation when installing the retrofit kit. The retrofit kit converts an existing in ground sump to a more reliable and easy to service Auto-Sump 7000.
The Auto Sump retrofit kit can be a pneumatic or electric kit that is manufactured to fit any size sump that has a sound sump casing. It has a submerged pumping system designed to pump therefore eliminating suction head loss.
  • Auto-Sump 7000 Retrofit Kit has the option to come with a sealed HDPE enclosure for the head works.
  • Auto-Sump 7000 Retrofit Kit utilizes the unique REAL isolation well design that allows the pumping system to be serviced while the gas system is being operated. Shorter sumps can be fitted with a check valve for the same function.
  • The pneumatic Auto-Sump 7000 Retrofit Kit comes standard with a cycle counter, auto-drain air filter regulator, and pressure gauge.
  • The electric Auto-Sump 7000 Retrofit Kit comes supplied with a multiple selection of pumps, pump controls, and control panels.
  • Special features include REP's standard quick release caps and standard quick connect hoses.