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Series 1000
Gas Well Expansion Fitting

Gas Well Expansion Fitting


Landfill settlement has always presented a problem for the integrity of well casings and their attachments such as wellheads and pumps. Our solution for this problem is the Gas Well Expansion Fitting, Series 1000. This product has a dynamic telescoping system allowing the non-homogeneous refuse to settle differentially without damaging the well casing. This product has been a proven performer for over 25 years.


The Gas Well Expansion Fitting, Series 1000 can be fabricated from a variety of plastic materials, PVC and HDPE are currently standard. The Gas Well Expansion Fitting, Series 1000 O-ring placement is set at the ends of the fitting to allow for a much more stable and plumb well casing. The Gas Well Expansion Fitting, Series 1000 utilizing O-ring technology, in lieu of lip seals, will provide a seal in both vacuum service or pressure.


Pipe Materials

Standard EXPANSION FITTING is fabricated from ASTM D-1785 PVC pipe materials and D-1248 HDPE.

Slip Connection Materials

Female slip connections are standard on PVC materials

Butt fusion connections are standard on HDPE materials

Welding accomplished by hot air, extrusion and butt fusion processes


Custom sizes, materials and configurations are available. Contact REP today for pricing and lead time.