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Series 1100
Well Centralizer

Well Centralizer


Maintaining a centered well casing during gas well installation has always been problematic. To avoid clogging and premature well failure, use theREP Well Centralizer, Series 1100. This product is an inexpensive solution to an age-old problem – helping to prevent the well casing from pushing up against the boring (waste) while placing rock in the boring annulus.


The Well Centralizer, Series 1100 can be fabricated from a variety of plastic and metallic materials.



Fabricated from various grades of stainless steel

Mild steel

ASTM D-1785 PVC pipe materials

D-1248 HDPE


Accomplished by MIG welding

Hot air, extrusion and butt fusion welding


Custom sizes, materials and configurations are available. Contact REP today for pricing and lead time.