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Series 3200
Venturi Style Landfill Gas Wellhead

Venturi Style Landfill Gas Wellhead


Historically, consistent and repeatable data acquisition is problematic during well field monitoring. One REP solution for this problem is the Venturi Style Landfill Gas Wellhead, Series 3200.


The Venturi Style Landfill Gas Wellhead includes a multi-turn gate valve for smooth flow adjustment. The Series 3200 employs a venturi style monitoring device in either HDPE or PVC depending on specification/operator preference. Provides a full range of flow measurements without the need for multiple orifice plate sizes. Eccentric design allows for horizontal applications without water blockages, protecting equipment. Accurate to within 1 CFM, the large diameter opening minimizes pressure drop through metering run. Cost competitive with current wellhead designs. The Venturi wellhead is compatible with current flow monitoring instruments.


Monitoring Options

Range of plates provided in 2”, 3” or 4” sizes

Valve Configurations

Gate valves to include PVC/PP, HDPE, SS

Wellhead Orientation

Vertical (long sweep or segmented 90 degree bend) or Horizontal


ASTM D-1785 PVC, ASTM D-1248 HDPE, 304/316 Stainless Steel, UV resistant flex and power clamps, flexible PVC boots, SS temperature probes


Hot air, extrusion, butt fusion, MIG and TIG


Custom sizes, materials and configurations are available. Contact REP today for pricing and lead time.