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Series 1200
Monitoring Well Monuments

Monitoring Well Monuments


Historically monitoring well monuments have been manufactured from mild steel with welded hasps and hinges. These monuments have required constant maintenance and annual repainting as well as hinge and hasp replacement. They also harbor vectors which unnecessarily create additional safety concerns for monitoring personnel. The REP solution to this problem is the all HDPE Series 1200 Monitoring Well Monument which requires no maintenance and is vector free owing to its gas tight design.


The REP series 1200 monitoring well monument is manufactured as an MDPE monitoring monument with HDPE lid and stainless steel lockable hardware. This unit provides a safe environment for the landfill technician by sealing out the elements such as rainwater and insects and is manufactured from yellow MDPE and never requires painting.



Yellow MDPE pipe ASTM# D2513RN639

Stainless Steel Lockable latch and Hinge

HDPE sheet stock


Hot air, extrusion and butt fusion welding


Custom sizes, materials and configurations are available. Contact REP today for pricing and lead time.